A Safe Space to Gather

The UP Center is proud to facilitate a variety of support and social groups to meet the needs of the our local LGBTQ+ community. Our groups are volunteer-run, and intend to provide safe, open spaces for individuals to come together and discuss anything from current events to emotional stressors to what their favorite shows are!

Our social/support services are offered 100% free of charge at all times because we believe everyone has a right to live well regardless of their financial situation. We are able to offer these services through community support. If you are able, please consider becoming a sponsor to help us continue to offer these critical services to our community.


Talk it UP!

every monday, 6-8pm
university ymca, room tbd

Talk it UP is for youth ages 11-17. Groups meetings are two-hour sessions each Monday, with one hour of structured discussion and one hour of fun-time with other youth. Facilitators for this group must pass a criminal background check and undergo mandatory reporter training to ensure the youth who attend are in safe hands.



Every first thursday of the month, 6-7:30pm
urbana free library, room tbd

The UParent group is for parents to discuss the challenges and nuances of raising a child who identifies as LGBTQ+, as well as for LGBTQ+ parents. For more information email 



every third wednesday of the month, 6-8pm
champaign public libarary, room tbd

GalUP is our Women’s group to discuss the unique challenges faced by women in the  LGBTQ+ community, including transgender women and female-bodied or female-presenting non-binary individuals.



every first tuesday of the month, 6-8pm, university ymca, room tbd
Every third monday of the month, 6-8pm, Douglass Branch Library Meeting Room

Our trans/nonbinary/intersex support group is for those individuals who identify as such, or are questioning their identity. A peer-guided group in a safe space to discuss the social, political, and personal challenges faced by non-cisgender individuals in our communities.

We are currently developing more community groups. We are in need of sponsors and volunteer leaders for these new programs.


ManUP is our Men’s social/support group to promote discussions about navigating masculinity as an individual who identifies as LGBTQ+, including transgender men and male-bodied or male-presenting nonbinary individuals.

Livin' it UP

Livin’ it UP is an old program that we are excited to revitalize! This group is a wellness program for LGBTQ+ individuals to support each other in wellness (both physically and mentally) as well as to promote body positivity, gender identity positivity, and live all-around healthier lifestyles. We are seeking a facilitator for this group who has a background in physical wellness to lead a group of individuals in making healthier choices in their daily lives!